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What we are about…

Web Development Service

What we are about…

Effes Cooling Solutions

Welcome to CK Sol (CK Solutions)

Our Mission

To provide highest quality services and solutions to our clients and a productive and innovative environment for our developers to excel in the ever-changing world of Connectivity and Information Technology.

CK Sol Values

Custom Solutions based on Individual Requirement (Custom-Built Solutions)

CK Sol creates a solution which is optimized to your requirements; Custom by default. Contrast this with one size fits all bundles sometimes promoted by companies that rely mainly on product sales. Because we are vendor-independent, we can select the best-fit solution to minimize your Total Cost of Ownership and maximize your Quality of Service.

Emphasis on Security

As systems become more complex and serve greater numbers of more mobile users among an organization’s vendors, customers, employees and others, effective security becomes an escalating challenge. We bring an unparalleled expertise in secure web development to the service of your enterprise, combining proven methodologies and innovative technologies to match your needs exactly.

Quality, Delivery, Responsiveness, Price

We document our goals clearly on each of these crucial parameters and follow processes and standards to measure achievement continually and stay on target. There is no other way to go about it, is what each of us believes. Customer service delivery is a standard we aspire and strive to be measured by of how consistently we can deliver on these crucial parameters.

CK Sol – Process & Methodologies

CK Sol follows standard industry process models that is outlined in the following 7 steps:

Our methodology is determined based on the client’s requirement and our vision is to always be a part of the client’s success. Based on our vast experience in implementation of quality solutions for various clients, we recommend a model for most project that would reduce risk and speedy time to market without risking quality.

We have plan documentation templates ready for managing teams and various aspects of web development. Our development process involves planning and documenting specifically for each project.

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